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We were picked up promptly and on time from the airport in a large passenger van, and our tour of the island began with some shopping in Charlotte Amelia, followed by some sightseeing of the beautiful island. Slightly disappointed as I was hoping for a lunch stop or a bite to eat. Otherwise, the tour and our driver Mr. Sunny was great! Our tour ended being dropped off at our resort in time for a late afternoon check-in.

Gie-Gie our guide was amazing. She was a pleasure to talk to and show our family around this beautiful island. Professional and on time, took us to all the popular sites, waited for us to shop, spent the afternoon at Meagans Bay beach which was the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. We even used her for the rest of our trip for our travels to restaurants and back to the airport. She became our friend and treated us like family. I have traveled to many islands, but she made this a memorable vacation and I highly recommend Gie-Gie for a great tour!!


I was already excited to visit the island again and decided to take a tour outside of the cruise line; this was the best decision!! Taxi Love of Sunny Liston tours has the most dynamic personality EVER! He made sure our entire group had a memorable time...we sang, danced and PARTIED the whole time. We passed another tour group that I felt so bad for because their bus was still and quiet while ours was rocking! I HIGHLY recommend Sunny Liston tours (especially if you can get Taxi Love). I'm looking forward to returning again and without question will be venturing out to get the best tour I've had in a really long time. #muchlove

Kim C

Had a wonderful experience with sunny and my friends on his beach tour. He never ceases to amaze me and such a great personality and a great laugh! We will be back again on this tour!!

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