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All tours/shore excursions offered by Sunny Liston Tours, LLC (herein defined as SLT) are based on good faith and trust between SLT staff, vendor/local operator and client.

For possible changes to a tour itinerary, vehicle, time, etc., please read below. When purchasing an excursion, SLT will try to revise all booking related details of your ship's arrival date, arrival time, departure time, etc. Nevertheless, it is the client's responsibility to make sure all booking details are in accordance with the client's ship's itinerary and schedule, including the possible difference between the ship's time and local time of the respective port of call. If you have questions about the meeting times, local times, meeting locations, etc., you must contact SLT before your cruise sailing departure. If your cruise ship makes a change to its itinerary or schedule in port, please try to contact SLT immediately, we will try to re-accommodate your excursion or/and departure time.

Client's bookings may not be confirmed until agreement to the statements above and agreement to these terms and conditions.  Once availability is confirmed you will receive your electronic ticket by email (email address your provide in the booking process).

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the tour will be refunded 100%.  There will be no refunds for any cancellation requested less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour.

If your cruise ship does not visit the port of call or makes other changes that do not allow you to attend the booked excursion, SLT will guarantee a full refund. SLT reserves the right to make changes to any of the published excursions without prior notice. These may be due to changes required  or quality or safety improvements. SLT reserves the right to make changes to itinerary, content, timing, etc., of the excursion at any time. Please keep in mind that these changes may be due to safety concerns due to weather, client's condition, change in timings, etc., and will be made with having your safety and well being in mind. Any and all of those changes if agreed or if changes take place during the excursion, possible refunds must be negotiated with SLT.

It is possible that SLT needs to make a change regarding equipment/vehicle availability, failure, etc. In this case please do not take the excursion if you do not agree to the change, otherwise, if you participate in the excursion, no refund will be granted.  If SLT decides to cancel the excursion due to weather conditions or similar, full refund is granted to client.  If participant decides not to participate in an excursion or to abandon an excursion due to weather conditions, no refund will be granted. If client fails to show up at the designated meeting location and time, no refund will be granted.

If client decides to abandon the tour at a certain time, no refund will be granted and client is responsible for its own transportation back to the ship or next tour location, at client's expense.

In regards to a deposit or full payment refund for a client with a medical issue that prevents them from participating safety, the client must email SLT a copy of an official note from the ship's doctor due to illness. All cancellations must be sent by email to [email protected], using the same email registered during the booking process.

Charge backs that are decided in favor of SLT may are subject to an administration processing fee of $50.00, charged to the client's credit card (unauthorized charge back).

Please take note that the ship's staff, agents or managers are not authorized to change or cancel any excursion booked with SLT. SLT's excursions are independent from the cruise ship excursions and if one or more, or similar excursions are canceled by the ship it does not mean that SLT's excursion is canceled. You will be required to meet SLT's representative at the agreed excursion meeting location to see if your excursion is canceled.

Any group rates provided by SLT are based on the amount of participants of the quote, no refunds will be available if less than the amount of participants agreed to participate in the excursion. If part of a group cancels and a discount was applied to a specific number of group members, the discount will be lost and deducted from the refunded cancellations.

If one or more participants in your party have limited mobility conditions, please let us know so we can try to make the necessary arrangements for participation. If SLT is not informed of any of these or similar conditions, we cannot guarantee participation or satisfaction and therefore do not grant any refund.

Each client is responsible for verifying the excursion's minimum age requirement, restrictions, etc. If one or more of these requirements or restrictions are not fulfilled, no refund will be granted if participation is denied on site by SLT's representative. These conditions and restrictions are designed for your safety and well-being and in many times are part of local legal and/or insurance and/or certification or similar requirements.

Although we intend to only offer safe excursions provided by professional operators, any accident or loss of belongings may occur. We recommend following the operator's rules, regulations, and recommendations. Any lost belongings are sometimes difficult to retrieve after your excursion; we recommend checking after each excursion location and excursion for your belongings.

SLT reserves the right to apply charges for any excursion equipment lost or damaged if rules, regulations or recommendations are not properly followed. 

Prices shown on SLT website are in United States Dollars. If purchased in another currency, SLT is not responsible for the currency exchange rate applied by the payment processing company or companies.

SLT reserves the right to change the price of an excursion at any time. Any bookings processed/confirmed before a price changed will be respected their price at the time of booking with the exception of third party service provider price increases to a local operator.

Legal Notice

All notices from SLT to You may be posted on our Web site and will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) days after posting. Notices from You to SLT shall be made either by regular mail, sent to the address we provide on our Web site, or first class mail to our address at: P.O. Box 9108, St. Thomas, VI 00801
Delivery shall be deemed to have been made by You to SLT  five (5) days after the date sent.

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Terms of Use

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